2016 Over Yonder Now Available!

Just yesterday we shipped the 2016 Over Yonder cider to our good friends over at Hayden Beverage who will be stocking the shelves Valley wide with both cans and 22 oz bottles. This is one of the favorite ciders that we do since we know so much about it. Lots of cideries out there don’t have any connection to the fruit that they make cider from. With the Over Yonder, though, it’s personal! The apples for the Over Yonder Cider came from the Henggeler Orchards in Fruitland, Idaho. The Henggeler family started planting apples in the valley around 1910. The Jonathan varietal made its way across the U.S. from its founding in New York, and the Henggelers put in their stand of Jonathan trees as early as the 1920s. Longdrop founder Carol went to school in Fruitland and has known the Henggeler family for many years.

So we were so pleased when we were able to get our hands on 8 tons of these heirloom apples. This fruit has gone out of fashion in the era of big food, so they aren’t “fresh packed” anymore. That means that they are available to be made into juice – or even better – cider.

Jonathan apples have high levels of both acidity AND sugar so they are a great cider apple. This year’s fruit produced a very light bodied, and brilliantly clear cider. Preston and Grant fermented it to “dry” (no residual sugar) and let it be.

The photo that you see above is the bin label for this fruit. Yep – we know who grew it, who picked it and when, and the block that it grew in. Now that’s provenance! If knowing where your food came from is important to you then this is your cider.

We love making the Over Yonder cider, we’re grateful for our association with the Henggelers, and we hope you enjoy. Cheers!