About Us

Est. August 2014

August 2014

Longdrop founded by Chris Blanchard and Carol Crosswhite in a partnership with Crooked Fence Brewing as the first production cidery in the state of Idaho.


Released first product to market in March of 2015, launching with our Semi Sweet (now Northwest Apple) Cider, and the award-winning Vanilla Honey Cider. By fall of 2015 major retailers across the state of Idaho carried our ciders.


Chris and Carol assumed full ownership of the cidery, and moved production to a new larger facility. There they began working on an upcycling project that redefined the company.


Formed a partnership with the Furfaro/Carson family – longtime orchardists and apple processors – in North Central Washington State. Opened the tasting room in Downtown Boise.


Opened new production facility in Cashmere, Washington!


Expanded a new tasting room in Leavenworth, WA! Now open!

Apples to Apples

With every case of cider sold, Longdrop donates a pound of fresh fruits and vegetables to public schools. Kids feel better, learn better and do better when they’re healthy and well fed. This program allows us to come full circle: Apples to Apples.

If you hold a current beer, wine or liquor license (e.g., you own a bar, restaurant, or represent a food/beverage retailer, or you distribute alcoholic beverages) and want to help get more fresh fruits and vegetables to the kids in your school district contact us!

Company Philosophy: Good to the Core

Our company motto is “Good to the Core” or G2TC for short. This starts with our pledge: With ever case of cider we sell, Longdrop donates a pound of fresh fruits or vegetables to hungry kids in need of better food and nutrition. Well-fed kids feel better and more confident and do better in school too – setting them up for greater success in life.

G2TC also applies to quality. We promise to deliver great-tasting ciders of the highest quality and craft. We start with fresh hand-picked apples to get the freshest juice from the highest quality fruit. We use real ingredients: teas, berries, stone fruit, spices and specialty yeasts – and no artificial flavors or colors.

Finally, G2TC means running the best business we can. We are committed to local sourcing, reducing waste and upcycling, taking care of our employees, and giving back to the communities that carry our products. We are going above and beyond – pursing B Corp Certification in 2019 as ongoing validation that we are walking the talk.

We will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.