Good To The Core

Our motto is “Good to the Core” or G2TC for short.  This starts with our pledge: With every case of cider we sell, Longdrop donates a pound of healthy fruits and vegetables to hungry kids in need of better food and nutrition.  Well fed kids not only feel better and more confident, but do better in school too - setting them up for greater success in life.


G2TC also applies to quality:

We’re committed to making great tasting ciders of the highest quality and craft.  We juice our own apples to get the freshest juice from the highest quality fruit. On-going tests with new varieties from the orchards provide fresh and innovative blends.  And, we use real ingredients: teas, berries, stone fruit, spices and specialty yeasts - no artificial colors or flavors.


G2TC means running the best business we can

We are committed to local sourcing, reducing waste and upcycling, taking care of our employees and giving back to the communities that carry our products. To truly be a good business, that business has to be good for all stakeholders.