Happy Hour for Housing

Almost one year ago we started surveying the old Grind/Modern Burger (or Table Rock) space as a spot for the first Longdrop tasting room. The building had been vacant for some time and it showed. The building sits in a fantastic spot for customers: we have our own parking lot directly north, BSU to the south, two new hotels and two large residential projects in the works on either side of us. We’re also on two streets that connect directly to the shelters over in the River/Myrtle neighborhood, which means we see our share of homelessness. And being downtown business owners, we could not ignore that.

We feel an obligation to our community and our friends at the Downtown Boise Association introduced us to CATCH – Boise’s “Housing First” organization. They provide housing first to the underhoused, and from that stable living situation the organization can help address other issues – mental health, medical, substance misuse, and the like.

Cider is a luxury good, and we figured that most people don’t care whether they are spending $4 for a pint or $5. So we dedicate our happy hour to housing. Every Monday through Thursday, from 4:00-6:00 pm, instead of giving you the $1 off, we’re going to give that dollar to CATCH. When going though a period of being underhoused, it’s often difficult to save money. With every $25 we raise, that pays an application fee to get someone into housing; $500 pays a deposit; $4000 provides housing for a family of FOUR – for good. Our goal from now to the end of the year is to d0 at least that.

This FIRST THURSDAY we’re having the launch event at the Tasting Room. See the Facebook Event for details. Longdrop will donate half of all sales to CATCH; Boise Brew Card will donate 25% of sales to CATCH; and Segway Boise is giving away a tour to encourage your participation. You can also donate things CATCH needs like toilet paper, paper towels, and kleenex; vacuums, mops, and brooms; bleach, detergent, and Windex – things people need to get a house started.

So come down and help end homelessness in Idaho. Every family. Every Person. A home.

Thanks for supporting our little cidery and your city!