New Longdrop Ciders!

With the opening of the downtown Boise tasting room our cider makers have been hard at work creating new and experimental ciders, some of which are already on tap. You might already have experienced the DOOZY ENGLISH DRY, our take on a traditional English cider. Since the Americas aren’t replete with British bittersweet cider apples, during primary fermentation the Longdrop crew added limes and an English breakfast tea we sourced from our tea guru Terry Hathaway at Joyful Tea.

Preston and Grant used another tea in our MAO FENG CYSER. What’s a cyser you ask? It’s when cider and mead have a baby – so with the cyser you ferment apple juice and honey together at the same time. We’re still experimenting with this one – the next version may be an Imperial Cyser – but come down and give it a whirl.

The Longdrop Labs also cooked up a hopped cider, the HOPPILY EVER APPLE. Our friends at Payette Brewing encouraged us to experiment with the Citra hop, which as expected gives off that dynamite floral characteristic that pairs naturally well with apples. We expect the hopped cider and the Doozy to become two of our new staple ciders.

ON DECK is a MANGO HABANERO cider, because we couldn’t resist. This cider got some of its flavor during primary fermentation and some in the blending process. *Maybe* just a one-off, but fun none-the-less.

Also on deck a collaboration cider with our good friend Matt Bishop, Mr. Cafe Mule. Lots of cider makers experiment with coffee and cider based upon an old recipe favored by America’s second President John Adams. The secret to this recipe, in our estimation, lies in roasting the coffee properly. The coffee needs to be done just right so it doesn’t overwhelm the cider. We’ll have this one on tap in few days – let us know what you think!

Stay tuned for the ciders we’re releasing for ALEFORT coming up in just a few short weeks. We’ve got some truly exciting and rare ciders to launch!