Real Time Tap List

What’s on tap? The eternal question. We’ve made that easy for all of us with a little help from technology. The digital tap board at our tasting room connects to to a service called Taplister, which updates what’s on tap in real time. ¬†Curious if the Doozy English Dry or the Mao Feng Cyser is flowing? All you’ve got to do is click the Taplister link at the top of our website¬†and you’ll get a complete list of what we’ve got on tap, the hours we’re open, ratings, and more.

Our philosophy is pretty simple: seek out unique ingredients on which to base our ciders, use local and regional fruit, stay away from artificial flavors, colors, high fructose syrup and stuff like that. We could have used a chalkboard, sure. That would be simple enough. But sometimes a little technology is a good thing.