School of Hard Cider?

Last year when we got to contemplating starting a cidery it became pretty obvious that we needed some resources. Our local community had great resources like the SBDC – Small Business Development Center, the TECenter, TECH Help, the Water Cooler and others. But where do you get all those cider questions answered? Well, you get those answered at Oregon State University’s Craft Cidery Start Up Workshop. Who knew, right?

Oregon State University has long been a leader in fermentation sciences, and with the boom in craft brewing and craft cider making, they’ve added business related classes to their portfolio. If you are an entrepreneur in this industry THIS is the place to go to get started. Similarly, Washington State University created the Northwest Agriculture Business Center to supplement its already vast knowledge of Northwest grown fruit. They too offer not only business related classes around cider, but cider making courses as well.

This year, I have the privilege to teach the whole first day’s worth of material at the OSU start up workshop in Hood River, OR in October. It’s been an amazing journey from one year ago this week when we incorporated Longdrop, to teaching the next generation of cider makers. I look forward to serving the industry in this way and to seeing what other people envision for new and dynamic ciders!

Nota Bene: Karen from the Northwest Agricultural Business Center sent me a better description of their founding, which is below:

In 2006, Washington State University NW Research Center transferred it’s role in cider education to Northwest Agriculture Business Center (NABC) located in Mt. Vernon, Washington. Cider classes & workshops are listed on their website, NABC offers not only business related classes around cider, but cider making courses as well.