What’s Our Difference? ORGANICS!

This year Boise’s Alefort features a record EIGHT cideries. It’s come a long way when it was just Longdrop and our friends at Reverend Nat’s. Standing out among some of the area’s best cideries means that we had to do something different, so that we did. This year we worked with some of the top growers in Washington State to source three different kinds of ORGANIC fruit. We pressed it ourselves in Cashmere, Washington and hauled the juice back to the Longdrop labs and got to work.

Organic fruit holds a special place in the food world and for good reason. Washington State is one of the few places in the hemisphere that can easily grow organic fruit because of the absence of certain kinds of pests in the region. The limited area in which it can grow means there’s a limit to the fruit, thus demand is high as is the price of organically grown fruit. This is why you can count on one hand the number of cideries in the U.S. that make ciders from organic fruit.

Working with grower partners we sourced several tons of organically grown Gala and Pink Lady apples, which we crafted into a sessionable semi-sweet cider coming in at 5.1% ABV. Even tougher to come by were the organically grown Pinata apples – one grower in Washington State controls the entire supply. Our cider makers sculpted that fruit into a dry cider at 6.8% ABV with the classic tropical notes inherent in the Pinata fruit.

You’ll get your first chance to try these ciders made from organic apples at Alefort beginning Friday, and at our tasting room that same day. Over the next month we’ll be working on USDA certification for these ciders for a release to the broader market. So while you are out this weekend come by and see why Idaho’s first ciders made from organic fruit make Longdrop unique in the local cider market. Salud!